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Threaded Whip
Recieving Mounts
  Quick Dissconects
Recieving Mounts

( a ) ( b ) ( c )

Steel Thread Mounts

a : 519.343NP

b : 519.343.RCA
RCA Type
power connector
w/ RCA type pigtail

c : 519.343
w/ wire in pigtail

( d ) ( e ) ( f )

Stainless Steel QD Mount

Use with quick disconnect whips

d : SWQDNP: Non-powered

e : SWQD-PT: wire in pigtail

f : SWQD-R: RCA Type
power connector
w/ RCA type pigtail

Super Heavy Duty Spring Mount

Heavy Duty Spring Mount is highly recommended to help reduce whip breakage

Powered w/ RCA type pigtail

( g ) ( h ) ( i ) ( j )

i : 519.309NP Stainless Steel

j : 519.30BNP Zinc Plated Steel
Shown with:
ABM: Angle Bracket Mount

g : 519.309 Stainless Steel

h : 519.30B Zinc Plated


Threaded to Quick Disconnect Adapters
For use converting ½ inch 20 thread whip connection to QD Available as Adapter Only or in Kit with Receiving QD Mount


Powered w/ lead

Powered w/ RCA type pigtail

( k ) ( L ) ( m ) ( n ) ( o ) ( p )  
k : SWQD-KIT-NP, (kit)

(adapter only)
m : SWQD-KIT-PT (kit)

(adapter only)
o : SWQD-KIT-R (kit),

(adapter only)

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