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Safety Accessories: Alarms, 1st Aid, Extinguishers, Trailer Plugs

Body Fluids
Clean-up Kit

First Aid Kit
for 10 persons
16 Plastic Adhesive Strips, 2 Fabric Fingertip Bandages, 2 Fabric Knuckle Bandages, 1 Triangular Bandage, 4-3” x 3” Gauze Pads, 1-2” Gauze Bandage, 1 Large Wound Pad, 1 roll of 1/2” Adhesive Tape, 10 Antiseptic Towelettes, 6 First Aid/Burn Cream Packets, 1 Bandage Scissors, 1 forceps, 4 Exam Gloves, 1 First Aid Guide

First Aid Kit
for 25 persons

This industrial First Aid Kit is designed for a 25-person workplace meeting
OSHA requirements but also ideal for any office or home. The compact
and water-proof ABS plastic case is easily transportable with convenient handle and easily stowable or wall-mountable. The kit includes 55 adhesive bandages, 16 sterile sponge dressings, 15 alcohol prep pads, 15 antiseptic towelettes, a sting-relief pad, a waterproof tape roll, 2 ammonia inhalant pads, 2 finger splints, an eye pad, a triangular bandage with safety pin, 5 safety pins, 10 cotton-tip applicators, 2 gauze rolls, 2 antibiotic ointment packs, an instant cold-pack, a pair of sterile examination gloves, medical scissors and tweezers, and a first aid instruction guide.


Fire Extinguishers
New item! Available in 5lbs,10lbs, 20lbs and 30lbs
All shipped with annual certification

Fire Ext – 5#
Fire Ext – 10#
Fire Ext – 20#
Fire Ext – 30#

Buckeye’s Monoammonium Phosphate fire extinguishers are designed for use in combating Class“A”, “B”, and “C” type fires.

Commonly known as an “ABC” fire extinguisher,Buckeye’s ABC fire extinguisher has many uses including homes, office buildings, warehouses, motor vehicles, farms and woodworking areas.

(This unit is NOT recommended for use on delicate or expensive equipment or computers.)

Manufactured to ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711standards.
US Coast Guard approved for Type B:C Size I.Valid Only with Bracket
No. A-6.P/N 700270
ABC extinguisher provides the widest and most practical range of extinguisher protection coverage.

Fire Extinguisher Brackets New item!



for 10 lbs Tall dry chemical, 5.0 in. – 5.25 in.

for 20 lbs. and 30S lb. dry chemical, 20 lb. CO², Class D, 7.0 in. – 8.0 in.


New item,
for AL6F or AL8F LED lights!

 9Volt temporary Supply Adapter

Above: see wire-tie mounting suggestion.

9vBox-RCA: 9Volt temporary Supply Adapter

open battery compartment..
180210: Pollak 7-Way Trailer End Plug HM-B/U Alarm 107db: Backup Alarm, 107db
This compact, high sound level alarm is specifically designed for 107 decibels.
This solid state alarm is polarity protected. The 270 alarm has an approximate current draw of 0.5 Amps. Self-resonating circuitry automatically adjusts to environmental conditions to ensure a constant 107 decibel output. Weight: 12 oz. (340 g)

DC wire leads
: Dual-wire, Right angle Plug
RCA2: Dual-wire, Straight Plug
HP2: Single-wire, Hot Plug

Deutsch Connector LeadDeutsch DT Series
2 pin connector.
This Dual-wire connector offers extra protection in harsh environments
24 to 12vot C Converter
519DC: 24 to 12 Volt DC Converter
Whip hold downWhip hold down on truck
RH01 Hold-down Hook Hold-down hook for Fiberglass Whips
519.821:  cigarette cord power adapter


To Order Specify :
Flag Type: Heavy Duty Mesh or Vinyl Flag
Size:18"x18" or 24”x24”
Dowel Length: 18”, 24”, 36”‘ or 48”

 Mesh Safety Flag Heavy Duty These Mesh Flags are made of fluorescent knitted vinyl (KV) mesh material. Recommended to be used on fast moving vehicles. These flags will overcome the objections from “whipping”, such as cracking, peeling, or fraying.­

Road Hazard Kit

New item!
3- Safety triangles with bases Fluorescent strips
provide maximum warning day or night
Reflectors sealed from dust & moisture, plastic-hinged storage case.
4- Road Flares, Road Flare, 20 min RED, no stand, no spike


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