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LED Signal Panels and Message Boards
No other VIS Display Panels can Compete with Ours for Durability and Ease of Use.


Signal Lights, LED Backlit Panels

These simple, yet veristal signals are in-cab controlled
to show equipment or operation status.

New 5 character VID
w/ traffic alert system

Uses Include:
• Stopped VS Running Status
• Autonomous Operation VS Manned Operation
• Status Ready to Load VS Stop/Do Not Enter
Programable LED ID Panel
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Backlit Vehicle Display
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VID Accessories Page
24V Standard,
12V available upon request
14.5 Watts
0.6 Amps
15 lbs
11 x 35 3/8 inches

IP Rated IP66 IP67

Vehicle ID programable & dynamic w/communication capability
Arrow Board / Message Board


3 Characters
17.25 x 38 inches 12V-24V Power Rating 57W
28 lbs

Multi-purpose board can be mounted anywhere that directional arrow indicators are required. Additionally, this unit is an integral part of a messaging system on heavy equipment or on stationary structures. The Message Board utilizes the same dependable technology of SafetyWhips Vehicle ID Displays. This board can be pre-programed to display your selected messages regarding Equipment Status, Truck Requires Maintenance,
is Down, Not in Service. Also allowing Alternating Use of Arrows for Traffic Guidance along with messages.

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